Why Bettermeant Health

Bettermeant Health is a cloud-based digital software platform committed to modernizing healthcare for government care. Bettermeant Health uses its intelligent patient-centric digital healthcare solution to shift the power to its consumers to strategically work with all the stakeholders in their healthcare journey. Providing resources for mental, physical, and digital health of patients starting with service members, veterans, and their dependents. We partner closely with market-leaders providers, healthcare systems, digital health partners, and payers to provide best-in-class solutions in both the public and private sectors.

Mobile COVID-19 C-Solution

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have shifted our focus to real-time symptom tracking. Our cross-platform mobile application obtains anonymized user data and potential COVID-19 symptoms. This application forms the basis of a participatory surveillance program for monitoring COVID-19 in real-time.

Symptom data is matched against the latest signs and symptoms from emerging scientific literature, producing potential COVID-19 cases. Potential cases are then modeled against the latest hospital demand statistics, allowing for advanced warning of impending shortages of beds, ventilators, and staff.

  • Symptom Tracking and Guidance for Patients

  • Programmatic Symptom Matching Against Scientific Literature

  • Modeling to Predict Demand for Providers

  • Integration with Bettermeant Platform

Bettermeant Platform

The Bettermeant Platform is a robust web solution that provides patients with the ability to interface with existing healthcare service providers within a variety of networks, including private health systems, VA, and MHS.

The platform offers a simplified portal for provider search, provider-patient communication, and payment management. It integrates with Bettermeant’s C-Solution to enable health tracking for progression of COVID-19 related symptoms, and data sharing with members of family and your health team.


Meet the Team

Ahmed "Eddie" Qureshi

Founder and CEO of Bettermeant Health. Lead on COVID-19 Pandemic response team.

Saikiran "Sai" Kossireddy

Product expert in Electronic Health Records(EHR) and healthcare software compliance.

Hamed Hemmati

Director of Engineering. 18 years in web and app development

Jeff Ganyard

Product Architect. 30 years of development and design experience at companies like Apple, Blackphone and many more.

Amy Strouse

Government and private healthcare strategy expert. Advisor D8 Group, Principal Avascent GA.

Andrew Allen, PhD.

Systems engineer with Machine Learning and distributed networks expertise at Google AI.

Chris Carney PhD.

Government advocacy export. U.S. Congressman and Presidential Commission.

Jay Madan

Diagnostic and Healthcare, IT Executive, Founder, President, CBO at Innovate Biopharma.

Louis Metzger, PhD.

Pharmaceutical industry professional. CSO Tierra Biosciences, Project Leader Novartis.

Mac Zellem

Director of Finance for State of New Hampshire. Worked as an Analyst at UW Public Health prior.

Paul Hammer, M.D.

20+ years experience in mental health. Dep. Inspector General for Medical Matters at US Navy.

Steve Ganyard

Media and Government relations expert. ABC News contributor, President at Avascent GA.

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We are located in Berkeley, CA, near the U.C. Berkeley campus.

If you are looking to partner with us, or have any other inquiries, please reach out using the contact form. We’d love to hear from you!